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British Wildlife Whiskey Tumbler

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  • Pheasant
  • Hare
  • Stag
  • Salmon
  • 240ml

A playful collection of favourite wildlife animals expertly engraved on hand cut crystal tots and tumblers. The majestic Stag is an impressive and popular engraved design.

Kintyre is a stunning British hand cut design truly reflecting traditional craftsmanship.

The Royal Scot Crystal Kintyre Whisky tumbler is the perfect glass for drinking neat whisky, with ice or with water or as a small crystal water/ fruit juice tumbler. If you prefer a larger measure or spirits with mixers then the Kintyre Large Tumbler may be more suitable. The perfect Scottish gift for someone who appreciates fine Whisky.

Whisky tumblers, height 84 mm, diameter at top 80mm, diameter at base70mm, Capacity: 9oz, 26cl

In dark blue card gift boxes with gold blocking

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