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Elliott Hall

With a family history in copper stretching back to 1904, Elliot Hall’s fine art pedigree and knowledge of the collectables market is evident throughout the collection, with a focus on exquisite Limited Editions only, sumptuous presentation and the most prestigious branding.

Enamels that surpass all expectations, embracing in their breadth and diversity freedom of artistic expression that fires the senses and brings exciting new life to an ancient art form, using and enhancing time-honoured skills to create truly memorable miniature works of art for the 21st century.

From the enamels initial design to their final presentation in silk-lined boxes, Elliot Hall's commitment to quality and perfection is total; there is no compromise, no acceptance of the sub-standard. Buy an Elliot Hall enamel and you can rest assured that it is a truly unique, artist-signed limited edition, freehand-painted and perfect in every detail.

Reflecting their splendour, each Elliot Hall enamel is supplied in a luxurious silk-lined presentation box complete with a numbered card of authenticity signed by the artist.

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