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Stock Pot

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The casserole is designed for use on all types of stove top and in the traditional oven, so you begin cooking on the element and finish off in the oven. 

Made in France from Burgundian clay for gentle, even heating-ideal for bringing out flavours during slow cooking.

The special clay will keep the contents hot for a long time after being removed from the oven. 

The durable glaze resists scratches and will not chip, crack or craze over time nor will it absorb odours or flavours.Use in the oven, on electric or gas elements, in the microwave and freezer, if using and induction disk, it maybe used on induction also.

Care Instructions: Allow to cool down completely before cleaning. Do not pour cold water onto a hot dish or it may break from the thermal shock.

Dishwasher safe but we recommend washing by hand

For stubborn residue, soak in hot water and white vinegar before placing in the dishwasher


Material: * Created for use directly on the heat (gas, electricity), if using and induction disk, it maybe used on induction also. Our Flame(R) products can also be used in the oven at a temperature of 500oC/930oF and also the microwave* Saute ingredients on the element and finish off cooking in the oven* Always start on a low heat for the first 5 minutes, then increase the heat gently



Capacity: 3.7L.


Weight: 2kg.