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Roasting Pan with Thermometer

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This WMF Roasting Pan with two handles is ideal for cooking, searing and stewing fish and meat. But the roaster really comes into its own with large portions such as roast beef or whole poultry. It conjures up a crispy skin, while the meat is juicy and tender on the inside. If you put a heat-resistant glass or metal lid on it, the food will cook evenly. The roaster can be used on all types of stoves and is also at home in the oven. Made from Cromargan® stainless steel or cast iron, it stores heat for a long time and transfers it evenly to the food.


  • Dimensions: 41cm x 28cm x 18cm 
  • Capacity: 8.5L 
  • Dishwasher & Oven Safe 
  • Developed in Germany

WMF offers gourmets products that are as beautifully designed as they are functional. They can be found in kitchens and households all over the world and are known for their premium product quality and outstanding designs. This relentless focus on design is what has set them apart since they started in 1853.