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Instant Thermometer

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Whether classic braising, cooking at a low temperature  or steaming, whether for a Sunday roast or a steak, in the oven, on the hob or the barbecue: with the meat thermometer, you can cook beef, veal, lamb, pork and poultry to your exact requirements. Easy-to-read illustrations on the thermometer reliably indicate when the recommended  minimum temperature has been reached for the type of meat in each case.  

This is extremely important with poultry, so you can make sure that any  potential germs or bacteria cannot cause harm. It’s really easy to use:  The meat thermometer has a stem that inserts effortlessly into the piece of meat, remains there throughout the whole cooking process and  indicates the current core temperature at all times.

WMF offers gourmets products that are as beautifully designed as they are functional. They can be found in kitchens and households all over the world and are known for their premium product quality and outstanding designs. This relentless focus on design is what has set them apart since they started in 1853.

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