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Fire Fighter

Tax included.
Stops a small fire from becoming a major disaster

A cutting-edge foam capable of extinguishing wood, petrol, electrical and fat fires quickly

High cooling capacity which helps avoid reignition

Safe to store in in extreme cold and hot temperatures ranging as low as -40ºC to +70ºC

Swells up to 40 times it's capacity when in use

User friendly, no instructions needed

Compact enough to keep a can handy where ever you need it - in the kitchen, garage, workshop, and every type of vehicle * Easy to clean up after use. The foam dissolves leaving no residue; simply wipe clean

Non-Toxic, non-irritant and biodegradable. The pure ingredients are minerals, salts and special patented oils.

Each Mini Firefighter is date-stamped underneath and has a shelf-life of 4 years from this date

Manufactured in Spain. The can is made from a single piece of aluminium and is painted inside and out to prevent corrosion. It is pressure-tested to the highest standards and manufactured in ISO9001 facilities

Always call you local emergency number first before attempting to douse the fire. Australia - 911. New Zealand - 111
This is a Fire Extinguishing Spray Tool. It is not intended to replace an NFPA 10 - compliant fire extinguisher where required.
Tested to the requirements of UL 711A and up to 35,000 volts. DOT 2P & 2Q.