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Beetle Watering Can 5L

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  • Green
  • Black
  • White

The Garden Beetle Watering Can from Hachiman provides a delightful watering experience like no other. It features an exclusively designed multi-groove spout which ensures an even distribution of water flow, granting your plants the perfect amount of hydration.

With an ergonomic pouring handle that provides a comfortable grip and carry handle which incorporates a thoughtful cutout that securely holds a hose while filling, watering your plants becomes an absolute pleasure. Say goodbye to dull watering routines and welcome to a new world of effective and precise plant care!

Available in two convenient sizes, 1.5L & 5.0L, both in 3 colours - black, green, and white - the Beetle Watering Can is a stylish addition to your gardening toolkit. The 1.5L version boasts 3 grooves, while the larger 5.0L option showcases 6. Choose the size that suits your needs and make a statement with your watering routine.


Dimensions: Height 192mm | Depth 217mm | Width 375mm | Material: Polypropylene (container and handle) and Polyethylene (ring)