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Angel Of Mine

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When words won't work the way you want, allow a beautiful Willow Tree figurine do the talking for you. Suitable for any occasion, there's a Willow Tree figurine to convey your message – whether it's helping us feel close to others, heal wounds, or reminds us to treasure those we hold dear. They're so beautifully simple…but it's the sheer simplicity of these dear little pieces that makes them so very special. Each figurine shines with a personality of its own. A baby is such a special gift, sent from above. When a woman first becomes a mother, she forges a bond with her child that is never broken, no matter the distance or time. This Willow Tree Angel of Mine figurine captures that very unique and wonderful relationship for you to treasure forever. Depicting a loving mother cradling her baby to her face, this figurine makes a wonderful gift for a first time mother, or a charming keepsake that will remind you of the beauty of your own children for years to come.

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