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Fermentation Basket Medium 20cm

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Designed in Germany, Westmark kitchenware and accessories are made from high quality materials that priorities strength and superior performance. Ergonomically designed and completely practical, you can rest assured that Westmark kitchen tools will always give you the best possible combination of form and function

This Fermentation Basket creates shape and support for the bread dough during its resting and proofing period. The natural wicker design features a beautiful spiral pattern that imprints on the dough for an eye-catching, rustic and handmade look.

Dimensions: 200 x 80mm

Material: Natural Wicker 


  • Stunning natural wicker construction
  • Creates a spiral imprint on the dough 
  • Gives the dough a prominent circular shape
  • Allows air circulation to the entire crust 
  • Capacity: 1kg - 1.5kg of dough